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Name: Chaka Chikodzi


Chaka Chikodzi is a mixed-media sculptor, musician, and public artist. Originally from Zimbabwe, Chaka conceived the Africville Dandaro Centre, dandaro meanining ‘meeting place', as a creative and safe space for youth in the communities of Kingston, Peterborough, and Hamilton. He has also taught in-school programs for school boards across Ontario (Lakefield, Peterborough, Toronto, Oakville) and British Columbia (Vicotria and White Rock) with the focus of multi-cultural interaction and appreciation.

Chaka teaches art workshops in both stone and wire sculpting, where participants receive materials from his native Zimbabwe and learn traditional techniques to foster a cultural connection through their piece. He also teaches marimba to groups of all sizes, emphasizing the accessibility of the instrument for varied complexity with no per-requisite experience necessary.

Chaka can teach participants of all ages and abilities.


People are People Because of People

Fruit Serpentine Stone Sculpture

The Seer (series)

Opal stone sculpture


Serpentine Stone Sculpture

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