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Name: Barb Danielewski


Barb is a community organizer, event planner, and workshop facilitator with a background in print-making, graphic design and mixed-media. Since 2005 she has developed "Epidemic," an artistic project whose motto is to find the power of a carefully placed image or message to transmit ideas that can change the world. In this, Danielewski seeks to furnish new and different perspectives through screen-printing on recycled and second hand textiles, while also offering affordable printing services to a range of clients, including musicians and local businesses.

Barb facilitates workshops from grade 5 to adults that deliver a hands-on tour of t-shirt printing. Students familiarize themselves with screen maintenance, the types of paint common in the industry, fabric selection, organizing production runs, and design principles. Her classes are tailored for small scale home printing studios.

Barb prefers to work with elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as adults, seniors, families and people with special needs.


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