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Name: Bonnie Dawson


Bonnie is a painter, print-maker, puppeteer musician with experience in holiday crafts, drawing, and watercolour. Bonnie has worked with communities from Kingston to Nunavut. She has run children's camps and weekly programs such as Art Noise, Leopard Frog Arts Camp, and written a book of art activities specifically for hospitalized children that is still used at Hotel Dieu. Bonnie is also a part of the touring and recording musical act Night Sun.

Bonnie offers a wide variety of arts, drama, and dance based workshops, focusing on the personal healing power that comes with artistic expression. She engages mediums like watercolour, Irish dance, play-writing and performing, stylistic-based painting (Monet, Picasso), and holiday decoration and gift making. She is also open to assistant volunteers, primarily young people, who can further their own creative knowledge and volunteer hours while assisting her programs.

Bonnie prefers to work with Pre- and Elementary school students, as well as Adults and Families.


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