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Name: Susan Del-Mei


Susan is a dancer with experience in theatre and choreography. She has taught a variety of classes and summer camps at Leisa's School of Dance in Kingston. Susan has also been a guest artist at the QECVI Theatre Complete focus program, choreographing and rehearsing a routine with students for a musical performance, and has choreographed over 20 other show pieces to date. She has taught at two local high schools, as well as a program with an elementary school in Kingston.

Susan teaches dance workshops in a variety of styles, primarily for theatrical use, but including styles such as hip hop, jazz, contemporary/modern, ballet, and tap. She focuses on dance as a means of safe self-expression, to help attendees improve self-esteem and body image through accomplishment and emotional connection to the music and choreographic subject matter. She seeks to promote the confidence of her participants through acting and performing, and can cover basic technique, short theatre pieces, and many other aspects of dramatic performance.

Susan prefers to work with Elementary, Middle and High school students, as well as Adults.


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