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Name: Nancy Douglas


Nancy Douglas is a mixed-media painter and illustrator, with experience in drawing and collage. She has taught at KCVI, Module Vanier, Challenge Program and other LDSB elementary schools, as well as volunteered with literacy at Rideau Public School. Nancy works primarily out of Nelson Street Studio, where she illustrates for magazines, book publications, and other commercial ventures. She has also exhibited drawings and collage professionally.

Nancy teaches workshops primarily in collage and illustration, inviting her participants to draw connections and inspiration between books, artists, social situations and their work. She challenges young artists to answer though-provoking questions when planning their work, making use of time-period techniques and graphic materials as well as hand-drawn ones to teach style. She sometimes asks students to have a concept pre-planned before workshops.

Nancy prefers to work with Elementary, Middle and High school students, as well as Adults, Seniors, Families, and Special Needs.


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