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Name: Aaron Forsyth


Aaron Forsyth is a public artist with experience in drawing, illustration, photography, painting, and graphic design. He has studied animation and graphic arts, and was the co-owner of Rockit Boutique. He has created many public art pieces of differing size, and designed logos, clothing, accessories, skateboards, and interior design elements.

Aaron offers workshops primarily in graphic and street design, teaching participants how to manipulate technology and public awareness to make meaningful statements. He encourages business knowledge as a part of the artist repertoire, and incorporates real-life experience to give social background and connections to his students. Aaron teaches the constructive use of aerosol and graffiti mediums, and their incorporation into everything from contemporary artwork to large-scale murals.

Aaron prefers to work with Elementary, Middle and High school students, as well as Adults.


Spray Paint (8x16)

Spray paint on primed wood

Spray Paint (7x25)

Spray Paint 2010

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