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Name: Jacob James


Jacob James is a theatrical artist with experience in the dramatic arts. He has performed as a professional actor with the Stratford Theatre Festival, The Thousand Island's Playhouse, and VideoCabaret. Jacob has taught theatre at the elementary, secondary and university level in both Canada and the United States, specifically at St. Lawrence College, and has also adjudicated at the Sears Drama Festival.

James facilitates and plans his workshops around the needs of his group, offering three main themes that can be adapted: The First, Second, and Third Threshold. In consecutive order, the workshops focus on more sophisticated parts of acting, from the Actor fully understanding the use of their body (body, breath, voice, mind), their specific awareness (habits, neutral, specificity), and text analysis of the material being acted. James creates physically and emotionally safe spaces for all of his participants, teaching how to minimize physical strain on the body, while maximizing emotional impact for the audience.

James prefers to work with Elementary, Middle and High school students, and well as Adults, Seniors, Families, and Special Needs.


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