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Name: Roger James


Roger James has performed as a full - time professional musician, entertainer, actor and teaching artist in over 5000 performances, in 81 cities. He has performed in Canada, USA, Ireland, and England. In concert he has appeared with: Joe Cocker, Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLauchlan, JJ Cale, The Kingston Trio, Valdy and others. His extensive list of venues includes: Bravo TV, CBC radio, Mariposa and other festivals, St. Lawrence Riverboats, schools and recordings. Roger plays and teaches guitar, banjo, Irish Drum (Bodhran), harp, and piano and various other instruments, and is proud to say his son is Jacob James, a fellow artist on the roster and successful Stratford actor/instructor. Roger uses his workshops to immerse participants in music - making, and show how anyone may bring it into their lives. Through a "hands on the instruments" experience, participants see and hear, sometimes for the first time, how music begins acoustically, before it reaches them through speakers. His workshops have themes such as Musical Storytelling, A World of Instruments, Building Your Own Instruments, How to Form a Band, Humour in Song, and Working with an Audience . Roger prefers to work with Pre- , Elementary, Middle, High school students, as well as Adults, Seniors, Families, and Special Needs.


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