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Name: Erika Olson


Erika Olson is an interdisciplinary artist of painting, drawing, installation, and earthworks. She has exhibited her work in Ontario, Quebec and the United States, including multiple shows at Kingston's Modern Fuel and Agnes Etherington galleries. Erika makes socially conscious comments about food. She encourages students to creatively face issues of their own, while learning about the fundamentals of painting.

Erika teaches sessional courses as long as eight weeks, as well as individual workshops, which can be adapted to the needs of her participants. Erika uses students' interests and inquiry to help shape her instruction. She aims to introduce students to new cultures, eras and artists to broaden their knowledge of technique and theory.

Erika prefers to work with Elementary, Middle and High school students, as well as Adults, Seniors, Families and Special Needs.


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