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Name: Jane Thelwell


Jane has been involved in the engineering, arts, and educational community of Kingston for several decades as a student, practitioner and teacher. Jane studied engineering at both Queen's University and Royal Military College, as well as studied Crafts and Design (Ceramics) at Sheridan College. She is also an active member of the art community in Kingston, being a member of the Kingston Arts Council, Modern Fuel and other arts organization. Jane is very successful balancing her art-based business, Anglin Bay Pottery, with teaching art at both St Lawrence and Loyalist Colleges, and her engineering profession with Defense Construction Canada.

In her workshops, Jane explores the fascinating world of clay and the creative process of expression, and offers insight into the material characteristics and how the scientific/technical world articulate these properties. Activities and ideas include: weighing, measuring, arithmetic, periodic tables, valence, density, porosity, and pyrometry (all of which are much more interesting when your hands are covered in clay). Her workshops range from simply having fun with clay to exploring chemistry and math with clay.

Jane is interested in working with preschool, elementary, middle and high school students, as well as adults, seniors, and those with special needs.


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