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Name: Katharine Vingoe-Cram


Katharine is an artist, educator and art historian in training. She is currently completing graduate work at Queen's University, and has worked for the past year supporting the Community Engagement and Education division of the Cultural Services department at the City of Kingston. As a trained emerging artist, Katharine has exhibited her work in Nova Scotia and British Columbia, and investigates interdisciplinary media, ranging from works on paper and graphic novels to scholarly research in exhibition design.

Katharine can offer workshops in life drawing, sequential art, and watercolor painting that are ideally suited for youth, adults and seniors. Her watercolor workshops would encourage students to think outside the box, incorporating subject matter normally reserved for oil painting. She is also interested in offering a workshop aimed at high school students that introduces principles in exhibition design, art history and curatorship.


Gates of Time (Psychic Trash), Watercolour

Graphic Novel Excerpt, Digital Painting

The Band Halls (Portals), Oil on Canvas

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