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Name: Aimee Bouchard


Aimee Bouchard is a theatre artist and educator. Aimee has a strong combination of education, skills and experience in both the Kingston theatre community and as an Ontario certified teacher. Aimee is a graduate of Queen's University's Education department with a focus in Artist in the Community Education. In Kingston, Aimee has been immersed in the arts community in a number of ways including volunteering with the Frontenac County Childcare Centre's ChildArts program, working as the Head of Education with the Barefoot Players, working as a drama instructor with the Kingston Youth Arts Cooperative, performing in Salon Theatre productions, and serving as the festival administrator for the Kick & Push Festival.

Aimee's workshops can take on a variety of forms as she is flexible and able to teach many different areas of theatre. She has had a great deal of success teaching workshops for both elementary and high school students on forum theatre, which uses improvisation in order to collaboratively try and solve a social problem. Aimee has a strong passion for developing immersive and site specific theatre, and has created a project which involves working with elementary teachers to identify a specific learning objective for their class and to create an immersive learning experience through an in-class installation and performance. In all of her workshops, Aimee strives to create a comfortable environment so that all her students feel at ease trying something different, taking creative risks, and learning something new. Her ultimate goal is to leave her students feeling excited about what they accomplished in class, and to encourage them to keep pursuing whatever filled them with that excitement and curiosity.

Aimee prefers working with students in elementary, middle and high school, as well as adults and people with special needs.


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