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Name: Nicole McGrath


Nicole McGrath is an experienced artist in a variety of disciplines including music, drawing, sewing, and costume making. Primarily, Nicole is a visual artist who paints with oil colours. She is the recipient of a number of awards and has had solo exhibits. Nicole is the recipient of an OCA Arts Educator Certificate as well as a TESOL Certificate. Nicole enriches her practice bay painting with oil colours en-plein-air and in a studio here in Canada as well as in Cordillera Escalera, Peru. Alongside this experience in her art form, Nicole has experience teaching visual arts and piano to children, en-plein-air painting and fashion sketching to adults. Nicole's workshops involve providing students with a safe space to develop painting, drawing, collage and sculpting skills. She also strives to include nature in her workshop, either through music or actually bringing students outdoors. Nicole prefers to work with students in elementary and high school, as well as adults, seniors and families.


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