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Name: Shari Brownstein-Tallon


Shari is an experienced composer, musician and music specialist/educator. She began her career and experience with music and education in 1981 and in the past 33 years, she has developed her skills as a musician as well as created programs for all ages, along with a successful and unique approach to educating peoples with special needs. Her primary instruments are the piano and the flute, however she also has experience with drums, percussion, penny whistle, ukulele, and voice.

Shari has experience creating and providing a variety of different musical programs. Her programming capabilities and experiences include working in schools teaching math and music, math and language for grades K-6, facilitating musical theatre summer camps for Grades K-8, performing piano concerts for mental health charities for adults, performing family musical concerts for events, and working with autistic individuals using music as therapy.


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