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Name: Richard, Tyo


Richard is an experienced musician with a strong interest in combining music and mental health. This passion began while Richard spent time working in the mental health field as a crisis worker where he gained experience engaging community members in music making, song writing, and getting exploring people's connection to music on a personal level. Since then, Richard has co-led groups in workshops in a variety of different settings including Hotel Dieu Hospital's Heads Up! Early Intervention Psychosis Program, Providence Care Community Connections, and Dual Diagnosis Supportive Independent Living. These experiences have allowed Richard to develop skills in group facilitation, group music making, and group song-writing activities.

Richard has co-developed musical activities and metaphors based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The activities act as mediums for psycho-education, skills building (music and stress management), and gives the opportunity to practice creativity. Some of his programs include: teaching the similarities between improvisation in music and problem solving in life, teaching basic rhythms and combination of rhythms for group music making, using accessible instruments to bring out innate musicality, and to brainstorm and explore themes that will lead to a simple song writing exercise.


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