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Name: Mark Reinhart


Mark Reinhart is an interdisciplinary artist with experience in creative writing, performance art, sculpture, and installation. Mark is also community arts activist and has gained this experience through public speaking, classroom visits and workshops, artist talks, community forums, youth engagement workshops, public art installations, formal education training, and arts consultancy. He received his Bachelor of Education from Queen's University in 2014, with a focus in Artist in the Community Education. Mark has been involved in a number of community arts projects including the Tarp Project, the Locker Project, Duct Tape and the Queer Archive.

In his workshops, Mark strives to expose students, of all ages, to new ways of thinking about art, and where and how art can happen. He believes that it is through a strong sense of community that brave, innovative ideas can be built and investigated. In his workshops, Mark explores innovative ways to approach the creation of a classroom, and the theories of teaching that serve as its ground.

Mark is interested in working with elementary, middle and high school students, as well as adults, seniors and those with special needs.


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