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Name: Mieke Van Geest


Mieke Van Geest is an experienced photographer. She has taught at St. Lawrence College and privately for more than a decade, and held many solo exhibitions across Ontario and British Columbia. Mieke is also a graduate art therapist, using basic art methods to help people with mental health and addiction issues connect to the healing potential of creative expression.

Mieke offers photography students the opportunity to explore their ability for unique self-expression and response to the world around them, and helps create community in the sharing of those expressions. She teaches participants basic camera techniques and handling, as well as the potential for a camera to foster creative expression beyond simple recording.

Courses and workshops may include camera knowledge, photo shoots and feedback sessions. Art therapy can be used in workshops and groups with people of any background to encourage creativity.

Mieke prefers to work with middle and high school students, as well as adults and seniors.


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