Volunteer Opportunity: Youth Arts Team

The City's Community Engagement team seeks youth volunteers to create an arts team for events. This is a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours working on events such as the Kidstage Workshops during the season at The Grand Theatre.

Hours are flexible, and some prep time is needed for each event. Submit a resume to

Volunteer Guidelines


Volunteer roles contribute to the mission of cultural services. Roles will be meaningful for both the volunteer and the organization. All roles will have a written description that includes: duties/responsibilities, skills needed and an estimated time commitment. All roles will be available to a wide range of candidates online and on-site. If volunteers with specific skills sets are required, other communication networks, such as community or institutional posting boards will also be used to communicate opportunities.


All candidates must undergo appropriate screening in order to become a volunteer. Cultural services will be clear and upfront about recruitment policies and selection criteria (based on role descriptions). All cultural services volunteers are required to have a(n):             

  • Interview
    Volunteers meet with a staff member from Cultural Services. They have the opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for a volunteer role and are encouraged to share their personal interests and goals.
  • Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)
    A volunteer must provide a clear CPIC before beginning a role with Cultural Services and its venues.
  • Reference Check
    Volunteers will provide a reference whom staff may contact regarding the volunteer's suitability for the department and the role.


All volunteers receive training to sufficiently prepare them for their role. Volunteers must undergo general and site-specific training.

  • General
    Volunteers are introduced to the mission and values of the City. All volunteers receive training in the appropriate health, safety and accessibility standards. Training emphasizes customer service delivery.  
  • Event/Site-specific
    Event/Site-specific training introduces volunteers to their assigned venue or event. Volunteers receive training in the appropriate execution of tasks. The boundaries of their roles will be clearly identified.

Support and Supervision

Volunteers will receive appropriate support and supervision to perform their role. Volunteers will be introduced to their supervisor/mentor at the beginning of their role. Volunteers will always have access to an appropriately senior staff or volunteer member for guidance and feedback.

Records Management

Cultural services will use standardized documentation and records management practices. All information collected will remain confidential and will meet the requirements of relevant legislation. Cultural services will be clear about all information that is maintained, including information that will inform evaluations and on-going training opportunities.  

On-going Training

Volunteers will be offered on-going training opportunities. On-going training will equip volunteers with the skills necessary for more integrated roles and responsibilities, such as supervisory roles. Volunteers will be recommended for on-going training based on evaluations, personal goals and logged volunteer hours.


The volunteer program will be evaluated annually. Volunteer roles will be evaluated to ensure they are contributing to departmental goals. Volunteer supervisors will seek feedback from volunteers regarding their experience and satisfaction. Volunteer supervisors will also assess volunteer performance at this time and share the evaluations with volunteers.  


Volunteers will be consistently acknowledged for their contributions to the department and its goals. Recognition will be communicated formally and informally. Recognition will be delivered in a timely manner.