The City promotes and fosters open government principles of participation, innovation, transparency and accountability. The data catalogue supports these principles and is the first step in making it easier to view, obtain and use the information the City has gathered.
We are now testing our new OpenDataKingston portal. This free online tool allows you to combine, visualize, and explore the City's open data and download it in a variety of file formats. Questions or feedback? Contact us.
Use the data catalogue below to view and download available datasets. Click on 'Show Details' to see additional information for a dataset. These datasets are provided in up to four different downloadable formats. For any dataset click on one of the coloured data format buttons to begin the download. Note that by downloading one or more datasets, you are agreeing to our Open Data License.

Frequently Asked Questions

What downloadable data formats are provided?

Datasets are provided in up to three different downloadable formats:
  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values): A tabular data format typically used in database or spreadsheet applications
  • SHP (Shapefile): A spatial data format that can be used in many desktop GIS applications
  • KML (Keyhold Markup Language): A spatial data format most often used with Google Maps and Google Earth
Note that in cases where the dataset contains non-spatial (tabular-only) data, the only data format option will be CSV.

How are datasets selected for the data catalogue?

The City selects the datasets for the data catalogue that meet the following criteria: 
  • data of the highest quality (complete and accurate) with good data management practices already in place;
  • data frequently requested by citizens;
  • data free of private information.
The City is working to improve data management practices to improve its quality, accuracy and collection processes to ensure new and updated data can be released regularly.

What are the terms of use?

Please review the City's Open Data License to understand the terms of use.

Will more public data be available in the future?

Yes. The City is looking for feedback from citizens to determine what should be added to the data catalogue. Your opinion matters, so please tell us what types of information you would like to see made available by emailing us.

I don't see the data I'm looking for. Can I request additional datasets?

Yes! Please don't hesitate to contact us to request additional datasets. Note that requests may be subject to the Fees and Charges By-law and Data Licensing Agreement.

Does the City have an Open Data policy?

Read how the Open Data Policy initiative functions in the City.



Mailbox covered in ice


Municipal addresses and address locations. Collected from the City's Planning and Development Services Department.

White houses with grey roofs


Dataset of the various classifications of building rooflines for structures greater than 5 sq. metres within the City of Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston city council chambers

Council Contact List

Comma-separated file containing detailed contact information for the City of Kingston's mayor and councillors

Cycling symbol painted onto asphalt

Cycling Facilities

Existing on and off-road cycling infrastructure within the City of Kingston, Ontario, with the type of cycling facility that is currently in place identified.

Three houses with driveways, viewed from above


Dataset representing the driven portion of a private or public drive for the purposes of parking, or to access a parking area.

Hand checking 'No' on a voting ballot

Electoral Districts

Dataset of the boundaries representing the 2014 electoral districts within the City of Kingston, Ontario. This data includes electoral district name and number.

White picket fence running into the distance

Municipal Boundary

Dataset representing the boundary of the City of Kingston, Ontario.

Aerial photo of a suburban area


Dataset of the boundaries of neighbourhoods within the City of Kingston, Ontario, as established from the 2011 census dissemination areas. Includes neighbourhood names.

City of Kingston street parking sign

Parking Areas

Dataset representing the driven portion of a private or public parking area (not to be confused with a parking lot, which is a separate dataset).

Playground equipment in a park


Dataset of the boundaries of all parks within the City of Kingston, Ontario, and surrounding areas. Includes park names; addresses; whether ownership is municipal, provincial, federal, private or Cataraqui Regional Conservation Authority; park amenities; and if the park is developed, undeveloped or partially developed.

Fence-lined path in the late-day sun


Dataset of walking and multi-use paths within the City of Kingston, Ontario.

Spirit of Sir John A locomotive in foreground with Kingston City Hall in background

Points of Interest

Dataset of the locations of specific point locations within the City of Kingston, Ontario, that are of common interest to all. Includes name of each place, address and more.

Scene of a river running through a forest


Dataset representing drainage classes like rivers, creeks & streams within the City of Kingston, Ontario.

Closeup of King Street and Princess Street signs

Roads (Centreline)

Dataset of the street network within the City of Kingston, Ontario. Includes addressing, road classes, status, street names and more.

Four lane roadway with markings

Roads (Paved Surface)

Dataset of the representation of the travelled portion of streets and roadways within the City of Kingston, Ontario.

Closeup of sidewalk surface with lower portion of a woman walking


Dataset of areas representing sidewalks, usually abutting roadways, in the City of Kingston, Ontario. Includes some descriptions and a numerical code for material type.

People walking on a trail


Dataset of bike and pedestrian trails within the City of Kingston, Ontario. Includes trail name and permitted activities.

Bus Schedule Image

Transit Schedules, Routes & Stops (static)

Kingston Transit General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for static schedule, route, and stop information.

Bus Schedule Image

Transit Service Alerts (real-time)

Kingston Transit General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for real-time service alerts.

Bus Schedule Image

Transit Trip Updates (real-time)

Kingston Transit General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for real-time trip updates.

Bus Schedule Image

Transit Vehicle Positions (real-time)

Kingston Transit General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for real-time vehicle positions.

Early evening view over a lake


Dataset of areas representing the water features within the City of Kingston, Ontario, as well as a portion of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Includes name and type of water body.

Vacant commercial storefront in a large retail development


All zoning boundaries for the City of Kingston. Consolidated Zoning By-Law boundaries as approved by original zoning by-laws and revised by zoning amendments:

  • By-Law 8499 City of Kingston
  • By-Law 32-74 Pittsburgh Township
  • By-Law 76-26 Kingston Township
  • By-Law 97-102 Cataraqui North
  • By-Law 96-259 Downtown & Harbour