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Explore Kingston using our interactive mapping system, KMaps. It's a convenient way to explore the City's GIS data, create custom maps, check out the City's aerial and street level imagery collection, as well as discover what other mapping apps the City has to offer.

You can use KMaps to learn more about your neighbourhood, view the locations of capital projects, get information on City services, measure distances and areas, mark up and print custom maps alongside City of Kingston data, and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of data is available?

There are over 100 layers available to explore including

  • historical air photos,
  • basemaps,
  • elevation data,
  • zoning information,
  • current and planned capital projects,
  • waste pickup information,
  • cycling facilities,
  • bus stops, and
  • many more

If you are looking for something specific search the data by entering a keyword in the data search box, or browse the available datasets by scrolling through the list. Check back often as data is added regularly. 

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How do I add data to the map?

Pick the layer you are interested in and click ‘ADD'.  You can also click the ‘DETAILS' button for more information on the dataset.

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How do I access street level imagery?

The KMaps application provides access to the City's high resolution street level imagery through a service from CycloMedia.

Widget Logo To access this feature click the ‘Street Smart' widget icon. This will open the widget window.

If the window appears blank when it opens and reads, "Zoom into the map to open the Cyclomedia Imagery", zoom in closer to the area you are interested in. Once you zoom into the level in which the imagery can be displayed, the street level photo will appear.

Street Smart window

Expand  IconInteract with the imagery by selecting the blue dot closest to area of interest. The green cone on the map represents the pane of view displayed in the Street Smart window.  You can also resize the Street Smart window by dragging out the bottom right corner or view the imagery in full screen by clicking on the expand icon in the top right corner. 

What else can I do with KMaps?

There are a number of other widgets inside of KMaps that allow you to perform additional tasks.

Widgets Screen shot

  1. The Plus and Minus buttons allow the user to zoom in and out of the map. Tip: the scroll wheel on your mouse will also do this as well as pinching the screen when using a mobile device.
  2. The Search Bar allows users to enter an address or place name and find it on the map (ex: 216 Ontario St or City Park).
  3. The Home button returns the user to the initial map extent which is displayed when the app first loads (a full scale view of the city).
  4. The My Location button can be used to automatically detect where you are on the map. To use this, click or tap the button and select 'Allow'. This will enable the app use the GPS on your device or the IP address of your internet connection.
  5. The Previous and Next Extent buttons allow the user to go back and forth between the last view they were focused on.
  6. The Measurement Tool allows the user to measure areas, distances, as well as coordinates at a specific location. The user can optionally choose which unit of measure they prefer for any of these measurement types
  7. The Draw Tool provides the user with the ability to mark up the map with multiple drawing options as well as text. Once added to the map user can turn these on and off in the Layers widget as well as Print the map with the markups using the Print widget. 

    Other widgets 2
  8. The Basemap Gallery widget allows the user to select alternate basemaps to display behind the data (ex: Topographic, Imagery, Grey Canvas, etc).
  9. The Legend widget provides the name and symbol for each layer displayed on the map.
  10. The Layer widget allows the user to turn layers on and off that have been added to the map. By clicking the menu button to the right of a layer, the user can optionally change the layers transparency, visibility range, pop dialog, as well as access detailed information about the layer.
  11. The Print widget allows the user to print the map that has been created. The user can optionally add their own custom map title as well as indicate the size and format they would like to use. The advanced settings allow the user to customize this further including adjustment of the image quality, spatial reference, scale units, etc.
  12. The Share widget allows the user to share a link to KMaps with multiple social media platforms as well as grab the code to embed this application in another website. The 'Link Options' button also allows users to create a custom web link with advanced control of how the app will load when the link is used.

What other mapping apps does the City have?

There are over 150 public GIS maps and apps to explore. You can browse and search for these inside KMaps using the ‘More Maps and Apps' tool.

Click on a map or app in the gallery to open it in a new window.

Other mapping apps

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