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Explore Kingston using our interactive mapping system, KMaps. It's a convenient way to find an address, a business, or one of the many points of interest such as schools, churches, pools, parks, or baseball diamonds.

Use KMaps to learn more about your neighbourhood, view the locations of capital projects, or get information on City services.  History buffs and mapping enthusiasts will also want to check out Snapshot Kingston, which offers a look at how Kingston has changed since 1865 (try entering your address).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn different layers on within a tab?

Click on the 'Map Content' icon and when the window opens, click the checkbox to turn layers on or off. Basemaps may also be changed from within the map contents window.

Layers screen shot

How do I get more information about the data shown in one of the tabs?

Click the 'Identify' icon along the top of the map window. Identify Icon

Next, click within the map, inside or near a feature you are trying to get information for. The 'More Information' window shows the attributes for the features, and any documents available can be accessed by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the 'Documents' section.

Where are your latest aerial photos?

The latest aerial photos (Spring 2013) are available in all tabs but are not turned on by default.  You can turn them on by changing the basemap that is shown underneath the dynamic or themed layers.

Click the small black pull down arrow to show available basemaps:

Basemap Dropdown

How can I access historic aerial photos?

All years of our aerial photo collection may be accessed within the "Historic Air Photos" tab:

Historic Air Photo screenshot