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Pay fines under the Provincial Offences Act following your receipt of:

  • An Offence Notice
  • A Notice of Trial
  • A Notice of Fine and Due Date
  • A Final or Collections Notice

On this site, you may pay only those fines that have a location code of 0960. The location code is clearly marked on an Offence Notice and is the first four digits of the file number on a Notice of Trial, a Notice of Fine and Due Date or a Final or Collections Notice.

Administrative fees may be added to your ticket depending on the date the ticket was issued. Specific fees will be identified as you complete the payment process.

We recommend you pay your Provincial Offence fine three to five days before its due date. Electronic payments may take three business days to process.

Suspended Licences

If your driver's licence has been suspended as a result of your fine going into default, all outstanding fines, fees and costs must be paid in full before your licence will be reinstated. If your licence is currently suspended, we encourage you to make all outstanding payments and then contact a Ministry of Transportation Driver Vehicle Bureau directly.

Online Payment Requirements

  • Copy of the notice
  • VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Interac@Online.
  • Credit card security ID.
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