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The following groups may be involved in the process depending on the project:


The Applicant can be a land owner or an authorized representative of the owner who is proposing the development project. They are responsible for providing all the required documents and plans for any land development applications (planning application or building permit application) to city staff for review and approval. The applicant's project must meet the standards, regulations and policies set by the City (such as the Official Plan, Zoning Bylaw, Servicing Standards, etc.) as well as those of external agencies, governments, and other regulatory bodies.


Consultants are professional experts in a particular field (such as engineering, landscaping, urban design, heritage design, traffic analysis, etc.) who provide analysis and advice to an applicant on a project.  These professionals provide supporting information and plans for a planning application or building permit.


The Builder is usually responsible for all aspects of building construction where a property has been approved for development. Buildings have to meet the regulations of the Ontario Building Code.


A Contractor is responsible for all aspects of site construction, including safety, maintenance, cleanliness, traffic control, and protection of public and private property. The Contractor must also comply with Workers Regulations, and have Contractor Liability Insurance Coverage.

City Departments

Planning and Development

The Planner is the Applicant's main contact for land use and other planning issues throughout the development review process. The Planning and Development Department ensures that the overall development of land, building design, and landscaping meet the requirements of the City and guides developers through the development review process.


The Engineering Department reviews and ensures that engineering requirements such as traffic, site access, noise impacts, grading and stormwater management for development projects are met.

Building and Licensing

The Building and Licensing Department issues building and associated permits and regulates building construction in the City. Building and Licensing also assists Engineering with the details of lot grading for all new subdivisions.

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Roles & Responsibilities

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