Where can I buy/sell recreational cannabis?

Where can I buy/sell recreational cannabis?

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At its Jan. 8, 2019 meeting, city council voted in favour of allowing retail cannabis stores in Kingston under provincial regulations. The City will ask the Province to give it the authority to regulate store locations in proximity to schools, youth facilities, community centres and other cannabis stores.

Are there stores in Kingston where I can buy recreational cannabis?

No. There will not be any cannabis retailers in Ontario until April 2019, but cannabis can be purchased online through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation. Municipalities can opt out of allowing private cannabis sales (retailers) by Jan. 22, 2019. Municipalities may lift this decision later, and this decision cannot be later restored. Kingston City council will consider this matter in January 2019.

If the City chooses to allow retailers of recreational cannabis, will it be able to decide how many and where they may be located?

No. Municipalities do not have the ability to license or implement zoning provisions for cannabis retailers. The Province of Ontario will issue licences for cannabis retailers and determine location restrictions, such as proximity to sensitive uses. It is expected that this information will be available in December and that it will be presented to City council in January.

Can recreational cannabis retailers obtain a licence to operate from the City?

No. Licence applications will be submitted to, reviewed by and granted by the Province of Ontario. Licences for cannabis retailers will only be available should city council chooses to have cannabis retailers within the City boundary.