Where can I smoke cannabis?

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Where you can smoke cannabis is currently regulated by the Smoke Free Ontario Act but will be aligned with the City's Smoking Bylaw in November, this may bring changes to the list of locations where smoking cannabis is allowed. Public Health Officers provide enforcement on this matter. 

Where Cannabis can be smoked

  • Private residences (not including private residences that are also workplaces) 
  • Many outdoor public places, such as sidewalks and parks
  • Designated guest rooms in hotels, motels and inns 
  • Controlled areas in long-term care homes, certain retirement homes, provincially-funded supportive housing, psychiatric facilities, veterans' facilities and residential hospices 
  • Residential boats or vehicles fitted with permanent sleeping accommodations and cooking facilities when parked or anchored and they meet other criteria 

Where Cannabis cannot be smoked

  • Enclosed public places, enclosed workplaces and other sheltered areas with a roof and more than two walls (such as bus shelters) 
  • Vehicles and boats being driven or under someone's care or control 
  • Indoor common areas in condominiums, apartment buildings and university/college residences 
  • Schools and school grounds, outdoor grounds of a community recreational facility and public areas within 20 metres of perimeter of those grounds 
  • Child care centres, and places where an early years program or services is provided 
  • Places where home child care is provided, regardless of whether children are present 
  • Children's playgrounds and public areas within 20 metres of playgrounds 
  • Publicly-owned sporting areas (not including golf courses), adjacent spectator areas and public areas within 20 metres of these areas 
  • Restaurant and bar patios and public areas within nine metres of a patio 
  • Nine metres from the entrance or exit of a public hospital, private hospital, psychiatric facility, long-term care home and independent health facility 
  • Outdoor ground of public hospitals, private hospitals, psychiatric facilities and specified Ontario government buildings. 
  • Reserved seating areas of outdoor sports or entertainment venues