Apartment & Business Waste Programs

Apartment & Business Waste Programs

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The City offers waste collection and diversion options for apartments, condos and businesses.

Businesses: consider reducing your edible food waste that is sent to landfill by reviewing the details of the FoodRescue.ca program through Loving Spoonful.

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Apartment/condo Recycling & Green Bin

Learn how to sort waste so that more of it stays out of landfill.

Apartment/condo Garbage

Understand how garbage is collected from buildings with many residences in them.

Downtown & Princess Street Business Garbage

Find out how garbage collection works if you run a business in the Downtown Improvement Area or along Princess Street.

Business Recycling

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PLEASE NOTE: the KARC Open House and Composter Sale mentioned in this newsletter will be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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