Apartment/Condominium Recycling & Green Bin

Apartment/Condominium Recycling & Green Bin

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The City offers recycling and organics diversion to all apartments and condominiums in Kingston. Apartments and condos using the City's services will collect items in large rolling carts labelled:

  • Containers – for non-glass items accepted in the blue box.
  • Fibres – for items accepted in the grey box.
  • Glass – for clear and coloured glass food and beverage containers. Please return alcohol bottles to the Beer Store for deposit. Not accepted: flatware, window glass, mirrors, other household glass and broken glass (place broken glass inside a cardboard box and put it in the garbage).
  • Green bins – for food waste and soiled paper product items accepted in green bins.


Tenants in buildings using the City's recycling and/or green bin program can either download our apartment guidebook here or can use of blue box (but glass must be separated from other items), grey box and green bin pages as guides for sorting their waste.

If your building is not using City's programs to divert waste, contact your property owner/superintendent and ask them to sign up!

Property managers/superintendents/owners

City recycling and green bin programs are offered free to residential apartment and condominiums with seven or more units. Buildings with fewer than seven units can use the household collection programs.

To set up, alter or cancel your service (recycling and/or organics), request replacement or extra recycling/organics carts, or pick up new and updated signage, please contact apartmentrecycling@cityofkingston.ca or 613-546-4291 ext 2704.

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