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Protect your collector: Please review and follow our dos and don'ts for safe waste-disposal during COVID-19 pandemic.

Garbage is waste that cannot be reused, recycled or composted. Avoid creating garbage.

The City collects one untagged bag/container of garbage a week. Have it out for collection by 6 a.m. on your collection day.

City returns to one bag limit: Effective June 15, the City will reinstate the one untagged bag limit for weekly garbage pick-up. Households that put out more than one bag of garbage after that, will need to purchase $2 bag tags for each additional bag. Bag tags can be ordered online. A list of locations where bag tags can be purchased is available here.

Please do not set out any more than absolutely necessary and follow these safe waste-disposal rules to protect your Collector.

The City will collect any number of tagged garbage bags or containers (the bag tag page tells you where to get tags). Bags/containers must be less than 135L in capacity and weigh less than 20 kg (44 lbs). Containers must have 2 handles and a fully removable lid. Containers with attached lids (hinged or connected with rope/zip-ties) or held closed by bungee cords (or other tie downs) will not be collected.

See a video on how to put out your garbage so it is collected as expected.

Reducing waste = climate action

Change for climate by reducing your waste and by diverting it properly. Garbage sent to landfill contributes to climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

Live in an apartment? Learn more about recycling in apartments.

What goes in your garbage?

Have oversized, overweight or a large amount of garbage? See the Other Diversion/Disposal Options.

DO put these in your garbage:

  • Coloured Styrofoam
  • Crinkly plastic film, pet food bags and bubble wrap.
  • Meat packaging
  • Gift wrap and greeting cards
  • Cereal/cracker liners
  • Zipper style plastic bags
  • Smoke detectors/alarms (yes, you can throw these in the garbage!)*
  • Broken Glass (see below)
  • Diapers
  • Feminine hygiene products and wipes (of any kind)
  • Single use coffee pods
  • Dryer sheets, vacuum bags
  • Toys (consider re-using or donating these first)

* Find more information on smoke detectors and their disposal at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Association.

DO NOT put these in your garbage:

Make sure your garbage is collected as expected

  • There is a one untagged bag/container limit per week for garbage.
  • All materials for collection, with the exception of broken glass, must be contained in a bag/container.
  • The City will collect two untagged bags/containers of garbage the week following New Year's Day, Victoria Day and Labour Day.
  • Bags/containers must be less than 135L in capacity and weigh less than 20 kg (44 lbs).
  • Remove all tie downs and bungee cords when placing garbage at the curb.
  • Have more than one bag of garbage? Purchase a $2 bag tag online or from a retailer and put it on your extra bag/container on collection day.

How to put out broken glass for collection

Broken glass and other sharp objects can hurt collection staff. To prevent injuries, please place broken glass in a cardboard box, taped shut and labelled as broken glass. Place this box next to your normal garbage. Broken glass in cardboard boxes does not count towards your garbage bag/container limit and does not require a bag tag. Please keep the weight of the cardboard box to 20kg (44lbs) or less.

Medical exemption

If you need to regularly put out an additional bag of garbage due to medical circumstances, you can apply to receive Medical Exemption bag tags.

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Missed collection or other collection issues

Was your waste missed? First look for a notice tag or sticker. Still not sure why it was left behind? Call 613-546-0000 or email

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