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A commemorative plaque on a memorial bench provides an opportunity for individuals/families to remember a loved one, celebrate a birth or anniversary, or to honour other individual's personal and/or professional contributions to the community.

The City administers and supports the municipal memorial bench program. This program allows for private commemorations on memorial benches in public parks. Each memorial bench accommodates two separate commemorative plaques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What parks are Memorial Benches available in?

This policy permits commemorative plaques on memorial benches in all City parks where there are existing benches and on benches in new and redeveloped parks.

Can I request a specific waterfront park?

Many waterfront parks are at capacity for memorial bench opportunities at this time. You may wish to go in a waiting list for specific park.

What is the cost of a Memorial Bench?

The memorial bench commemoration fee is $922.35. This is the price for a single commemorative plaque on a memorial bench. Each memorial bench will permit up to two separate commemorations for different subjects.

An additional ten-year term may be purchased at the time of the initial purchase. The fee for this extended term would be an additional $614.96 or a total of $1,537.31.

What is the term of my commemoration?

The commemorative plaque on a memorial bench will be for a ten year term from the date of installation of the plaque. An additional ten year term can be purchased at the time of the initial purchase. The plaque will be returned to the purchaser at the expiry of the term if requested.

How long does it take for my application to be processed? Is there a waiting list?

Memorial bench program applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year. The approval process will depend largely on the volume of requests.

The waiting list is on a first come, first served, basis for each park.

Do I have to share my bench with another commemoration?

Yes, each bench has two commemorative plaque spaces.

Who do I contact if I think my family has commissioned a Memorial Bench in the past?

You contact customer service at 613-546-0000 and they will direct your question to the appropriate department.

Will current commemorations be renewed for a specific period of time?

Current commemorations are grandfathered for 40 years.

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