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Planting a tree in a public park is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one or commemorate an event. In addition to honouring key memories, Memorial Trees help build Kingston's urban forest – reducing local greenhouse gas emissions and offering cooling shade to Kingstonians for generations to come.

You may have a Memorial Tree planted and cared for by the City's Forestry Division for $515. This includes the installation of a tree, plaque and pedestal within one of our many park spaces.  Tree species are available on the approved species tab below.

Memorial Tree applications must be received by July 1 for each planting year (mid-October to December 1). Applications received after July 1 are considered for the following year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a Memorial Tree be planted?

Most developed park spaces are available to accept a Memorial Tree except for:

  • Confederation Park
  • McBurney Park (due to archaeological issues)
  • Breakwater Park (at this time, the park is proposed for redevelopment)

The placement of the tree will be evaluated for any safety or infrastructure concerns.  Memorial trees will not be planted in natural/woodland park areas.

What species of tree are available?

You can choose any species from the following list, (subject to availability from the nursery). 

Native Species: Autumn Blaze Maple, Red Maples (Morgan/Red Sunset/Karpick/Armstrong), Sugar Maple, Ohio Buckeye, Serviceberry, Blue-Beech, Northern catalpa, Hackberry, Eastern Redbud, American Beech, Shademaster Honey-locust, Skyline Honey-locust, Kentucky Coffee tree, Black Walnut, Tulip tree, Ironwood, White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Red Oak and Basswood (Redmond/Boulevard)

Non-native Species: Maidenhair Tree (Male variety recommended), Sycamore, Pin Oak, Black Locust, Ivory Silk Lilac and Oakleaf Mountain Ash.

Note: Coniferous species are not included in the list of species approved for Memorial Trees due to potential sightline safety issues.

What are the dimensions of the plaque and how many words can I place on it?

The plaque is typically black and is 5 inches by 5 1/4 inches in size.  Wording can be between ten and 30 words. 

Sample Memorial Tree plaque

When can I apply for to have a Memorial Tree planted?

Applications for Memorial Trees must be received by July 1 for each planting year (mid-October to December 1).  Applications received after July 1 will be considered for the following year.

Can I have a Memorial plaque and pedestal placed on an existing tree?

Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis. Memorial trees are only planted on approved park space. The price of a dedication is still $515.

How will I know if my application has been received or accepted?

Contact the Customer Service Centre at 613-546-0000 or email

How and when do I pay for the tree?

Once planting is completed in the fall, the City will invoice you at the contact address provided on the application form.  Payment can be made by credit card or cheque payable to the City of Kingston.

When will the tree, plaque and pedestal be installed?

Planting season is typically in the fall from mid-October to approximately December 1.  Plaques and pedestals are installed at or around the same time as the Memorial Tree is planted.

What happens if the tree dies?

If the tree dies it will be replaced the following planting season.

Will the plaque and/or pedestal be replaced if it is damaged or vandalized?

If you, or any members of our staff, notice that the tree has been either damaged or vandalized, it will be replaced as soon as possible. Report damage or vandalism to the Customer Service Centre at 613-546-0000 or email

Can I spread ashes at the base of the tree's location?

The Provincial Cemeteries Act prohibits scattering ashes outside of a registered cemetery.

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