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The City has carried out proactive enforcement of the Property Standards Bylaw in a number of locations over the past few years. The Property Standards Streetscape initiative ensures that the City looks better from an overall streetscape perspective and that any sub-standard building stock does not further deteriorate. This program has been completed on some of the main arteries into Kingston and some remedial work is still taking place.

Property owners should make use of the list below to co-ordinate any necessary repair work. The list also lets residents know when the majority of properties in their neighbourhood will be inspected and work will be done. (Property Standards' complaints will continue to be handled outside of this program and will be scheduled separately.)

  • 2011 Streetscape Program: Quebec Street, Weller Avenue, Albert Street, Division Street, Alfred Street, and Montreal Street.
  • 2012 Streetscape Program: Frontenac Street, Princess Street (Bath Road to Bottom), Albert Street, York Street, and Alfred Street.
  • 2013 Streetscape Program: Nelson Street, Brock Street, Princess Street (Bath to Sydenham), and University Avenue
  • 2014 Streetscape Program: MacDonnell Street, William Street, Clergy Street, and Cedarwood Drive
  • 2015 Streetscape Program: Earl Street, Calderwood Drive, Princess Street (Sydenham to Westbrook Rd) and Sydenham Road
  • 2016 Streetscape Program: Princess Street (Westbrook Road to Westerly Limit), Toronto Street, Victoria Street, and Lower Union Street

Landlords: Sign-up for the VIP Program

If your properties are rental properties, you may also be eligible for the VIP Initiative. This Voluntary Inspection Program ensures that the interiors of dwelling units meet the minimum standards set out in the Property Standards Bylaw. This service is now FREE for properties enrolled in the program for the first time. Participating landlords will receive a certificate for Queens Student Housing confirming a property was up-to-standard at the time of inspection and/or once all items have been cleared (if any).

To be involved in this program, to make a complaint against a specific property, or to discuss other streets you feel should be considered for upcoming streetscape programs, you can call the Property Standards Office.

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