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City Council

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7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 13-2017 Watch video
Agenda COU_Agenda-1317.pdf
Council will resolve into the Committee of the Whole "Closed Meeting" and will reconvene as regular Council at 7:30 p.m.
Addendum COU_Agenda-1317AD.pdf
Meeting Minutes COU_Minutes-1317.pdf
Report #52 of the CAO (Consent)
a) COU-17-133 COU_A1317-17133.pdf
Award of Contract – Design, Supply and Installation of Shelters for Kingston Transit
b) COU-17-092 COU_A1317-17092.pdf
OECM Cooperative Purchasing – IT Services
c) COU-17-140 COU_A1317-17140.pdf
Request for Noise Exemption – St. Lawrence College 50th Anniversary Alumni Day
d) COU-17-141 COU_A1317-17141.pdf
Request for Noise Exemption – EllisDon Corporation, Providence Care Hospital Site, 752 King Street West
e) COU-17-127 COU_A1317-17127.pdf
Approval of Initial Study Grant Application, Brownfields Project Area 1A for the Property Located at 509 Rideau Street
f) COU-17-128 COU_A1317-17128.pdf
Approval of Initial Study Grant Application, Brownfields Project Area 1A for the Property Located at 305-323 Rideau Street
g) COU-17-130 COU_A1317-17130.pdf
Open Source Software - Code Release
h) COU-17-098 COU_A1317-17098.pdf
Fourth Quarter Operating Budget Report for 2016
Report #53 of the CAO (Recommend)
1) COU-17-134 COU_A1317-17134.pdf
Request to Close Capital Project – North Block Parkade
3) COU-17-139 COU_A1317-17139.pdf
Consideration of an Interim Control By-Law and Alternative Options – NearCampus Neighbourhoods
Committee Reports
Report 54 COU_A1317-PLN.pdf
Received from the Planning Committee:
- Approval of an Application for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 332 Yonge Street
Report 55 COU_A1317-AP.pdf
Received from the Administrative Policies Committee:
- Tax Write Offs Pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001
- 2017 Tax Ratios and Tax Capping Parameters
Report 56 COU_A1317-EITP.pdf
Received from the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies Committee
- Cycling Lane and Waterfront Trail Extension on Bath Road Update
- Extending Maximum Length of Stay and Occupancy for the Chown and Hanson Parking Structures
- Contractor Permit Parking – Residential Areas
- On-Street Residential Parking Program Implementation for Inner Harbour and Williamsville

City Council