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City Council

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7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 11-2016 Watch video
Council will resolve into the Committee of the Whole "Closed Meeting" and will reconvene as regular Council at 7:30 pm
Meeting Minutes
Report #35 of the CAO (Consent)
a) Report COU-16-098
Service Agreements – Utilities Kingston and the City of Kingston
b) Report COU-16-111
Industry Stewardship Plan for PSF Materials, Amending Agreement with Product Care Association
c) Report COU-16-065
Beer Store at 86 Dalton Avenue Wall Signage - Request for Relief from Sign By-Law Number 2009-140
d) Report COU-16-066
Mac's Convenience Store and Gas Bar at 1636 Highway 15 - Request for Relief from Sign By-Law Number 2009-140
e) Report COU-16-092
Kingston Solar LP (Samsung) Renewable Energy Project – Community Vibrancy Fund and Community Benefit Fund
f) Report COU-16-079
License Agreement – Kingston Tennis Club Inc.
g) Report COU-16-094
Award of Contract - Split-Stream, Rear-Loading Refuse Packer Truck
h) Report COU-16-101
Award of Contract – Two Ice Resurfacers
i) Report COU-16-097
Nomination to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority Source Protection Committee
j) Report COU-16-107
Award of Contract for Collection Agency Services
Report #36 of the CAO (Recommend)
1) Report COU-16-106
Capital Project Status Report – Fourth Quarter 2015
2) Report COU-16-114
2015/16 Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) Surplus Funding Allocation
3) Report COU-16-103
Approval of an Application for Easement and Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act - 297 King Street East, Market Square HCD
Committee Reports
Report 37
Received from the Planning Committee
Report 38
Received from the Municipal Heritage Committee
Report 39
Received from the Administrative Policies Committee
Report 40
Received from the Arts, Recreation and Community Policies Committee
Information Reports
1) Report COU-16-091
Development of a Public Engagement Framework and Interim Guidelines for City Projects and Initiatives
2) Report COU-16-100
Tender and Contract Awards Subject to the Established Criteria for Delegation of Authority for the Month of January 2016
3) Report COU-16-104
2015 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid to Council Members
4) Report COU-16-105
2016 Municipal Debt Limits

City Council