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City Council

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7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 22-2016 Watch video
Council will resolve into the Committee of the Whole "Closed Meeting" and will reconvene as regular Council at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Report #86 of the CAO (Consent)
a) COU-16-302
Award of Contract – Tett Centre Masonry Upgrades
b) COU-16-294
Award of Contract – Four Cargo Vans
c) COU-16-300
Award of Contract – Tree Order – Fall 2016
d) COU-16-290
Request for Exemption to Bylaw Number 2009-140, A Bylaw to Provide for the Prohibition and Regulation of Signs and other Advertising Devices in the City of Kingston (Sign Bylaw) - 172 Ontario Street (Dessert Indulgence)
e) COU-16-169
Notice of Intention to Demolish - 1572 Sunnyside Road
f) COU-16-225
Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit - 130 Johnson Street
g) COU-16-274
Emergency Shelter 10 Year Forgivable Loans
h) COU-16-279
Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit - 110 Sydenham Street/211-215 Johnson Street
i) COU-16-280
Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit - 92 Sydenham Street
j) COU-16-281
Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit – 67-69 Union Street
k) COU-16-286
Authorized Requester Agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for By-Law Enforcement Investigations
l) COU-16-299
Request for Noise Exemption – Ministry of Transportation, Gardiners Road and Highway 401 Interchange
Report #87 of the CAO (Recommend)
1) COU-16-298
Development of Municipal Property Being the Former St. Joseph/St. Mary Catholic School Located at 671 Brock Street
2) COU-16-297
Social Infrastructure Fund Program Allocations and Capital Investment in Affordable Housing Allocation
3) COU-16-311
Part V - Ontario Heritage Act
Committee Reports
Report 88
Received from Heritage Kingston
Information Reports
1) COU-16-296
Second Quarter Operating Budget Status Report for 2016
2) COU-16-289
New Village of Barriefield Heritage Conservation District Plan,Supplementary Report
3) COU-16-310
Kingston Airport Safety Measures - Removal of Obstructing Trees

City Council