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City Council

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7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 17-2017 Watch video
Agenda COU_Agenda-1717.pdf
There will be a smudging ceremony in honour of First Peoples month at 7:00 p.m. at Springer Market Square Amphitheatre
Addendum COU_Agenda-1717AD.pdf
Addendum 2 COU_Agenda-1717AD2.pdf
Meeting Minutes COU_Minutes-1717.pdf
Report #71 of the CAO (Consent)
1) COU-17-192 COU_A1717-17192.pdf
Ranked Balloting Referendum Question – Public Education / Communications Strategy
2) COU-17-190 COU_A1717-17090.pdf
Boy Scouts Land Lease Extension – 245 Elmwood Drive
3) COU-17-166 COU_A1717-17166.pdf
Terms of Reference, Arts Advisory Committee Professional Development Working Group
4) COU-17-167 COU_A1717-17167.pdf
Ryandale Shelter Forgivable Loan
5) COU-17-184 COU_A1717-17184.pdf
Approval of the ‘Administrative Plan, City of Kingston Heritage Fund, 2017-2018' and the Appointment of Councillors to Participate in the City of Kingston Heritage Fund Jury Review Process in September 2017
6) COU-17-186 COU_A1717-17186.pdf
Contract Award – Kingston East Community Centre Design
7) COU-17-189 COU_A1717-17189.pdf
Community Bike Share and DropBike Pilot Agreement
8) COU-17-171 COU_A1717-17171.pdf
Kingston Marina Land Use Licence and Parking Agreement – Douglas R. Fluhrer Park
9) COU-17-190 COU_A1717-17190.pdf
Declare Surplus and Sell the Former Public Works Yard and Fire Training Site - 3891 Kingston Road 15
10) COU-17-169 COU_A1717-17169.pdf
2017 Final Capping Limits for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential Properties
Report #72 of the CAO (Recommend)
1) COU-17-143 COU_A1717-17143.pdf
Review of Council Remuneration for 2018-2022 Term – Creation of a Citizen Committee to Review Council Remuneration
2) COU-17-163 COU_A1717-17163.pdf
Update of the Brownfields Community Improvement Plan
3) COU-17-195 COU_A1717-17195.pdf
Transmittal of Report from the Interim Integrity Commissioner
Committee Reports
Report 73 COU_A1717-PLN73.pdf
Received from the Planning Committee
- Approval of an Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 538 O'Connor Drive
Report 74 COU_A1717-HK74.pdf
Received from Heritage Kingston
- Approval of Heritage Property Grant Application - 112 William Street, 77-79 Gore Street, 66 Earl Street
- 2016 Heritage Kingston Report Card
- Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act - 90 Johnson Street
- Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act - 84 Earl Street
- Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act - 268 Main Street
- Approval of an Application for Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act - 412 Regent Street
Information Reports
1) COU-17-004 COU_A1717-17004.pdf
Progress Update on Corporate Climate Action Planning
2) COU-17-109 COU_A1717-17109.pdf
Y2K Kingston Youth Strategy
3) COU-17-178 COU_A1717-17178.pdf
2017 Child Care Provincial Funding Allocation and New 100,000 Spaces Provincial Initiative
4) COU-17-179 COU_A1717-17179.pdf
Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centre Update
5) COU-17-188 COU_A1717-17188.pdf
Kingston Rugby Update
6) COU-17-170 COU_A1717-17170.pdf
Tender and Contract Awards Subject to the Established Criteria for Delegation of Authority for the Month of April 2017

City Council