City Council - 02-2018

Start Date:
End Date:
7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 02-2018
Agenda COU_Agenda-0218.pdf
Council will resolve into the Committee of the Whole "Closed Meeting" and will reconvene as regular Council at 7:30 p.m.
Addendum COU_Agenda-0218AD.pdf

Report #5 of the CAO (Consent)
COU-18-028 COU_A0218-18028.pdf
2018 Calendar of Council and Standing Committee Meetings
COU-18-024 COU_A0218-18024.pdf
Bill 68 – Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act 2017/Amendments to the Council Procedural Bylaw
COU-18-027 COU_A0218-18027.pdf
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw Number 2008-182 – "A Bylaw to Adopt the Recorded Information Management Policy and Records Retention Schedule for the City of Kingston – Housekeeping Amendments
COU-18-029 COU_A0218-18029.pdf
Close and Declare Surplus – Road Allowance at 1645 Sydenham Road
COU-18-022 COU_A0218-18022.pdf
Approval of the Project and Operating Grant Recommendations for the 2018 City of Kingston Heritage Fund as Administered by the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites
COU-18-012 COU_A0218-18012.pdf
Smart City Strategy and Progress Update Report
COU-18-006 COU_A0218-18006.pdf
Strategic Priorities Update
COU-18-018 COU_A0218-18018.pdf
Annual Amendment to Fees and Charges Bylaw Number 2005-1
Committee Reports
Report 006 COU_A0218-PLN06.pdf
Received from the Planning Committee
- Approval of an Application for Community Improvement Plan Amendment – Brownfields Community Improvement Plan
- Approval of an Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 1010 & 1028 Portsmouth Avenue
- Approval of Revisions to the City of Kingston Tree Bylaw
Report 007 COU_A0218-MAAC07.pdf
Received Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee
- City of Kingston 2018–2022 Accessibility Plan
Report 008 COU_A0218-COW08.pdf
Received from the Committee of the Whole
- Approval of the 2018 Operating Budgets for the Municipal Utilities
- Approval of Rate Changes for 2018 for Appliance Rental Business
- Approval of Local Distribution Rate Changes for Natural Gas
- Approval of Municipal Operating and Capital Budgets
Information Reports
COU-18-023 COU_A0218-18023.pdf
Emergency Management Program Review 2017
COU-18-008 COU_A0218-18008.pdf
City Workplace Policies – Anti-Discrimination
COU-18-007 COU_A0218-18007.pdf
Tender and Contract Awards Subject to the Established Criteria for Delegation of Authority for the Month of October 2017
COU-18-001 COU_A0218-18001.pdf
Residential Rental Licensing – Review of Other Ontario Municipalities
COU-18-002 COU_A0218-18002.pdf
Responsible Pet Ownership Program Status Report
COU-18-025 COU_A0218-18025.pdf
Siting of Cannabis Retail Operation in Kingston
COU-18-031 COU_A0218-18031.pdf
Ontario Municipal Board Decision – Applications for Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment
Project Site One: 495 Princess Street
Project Site Two: 333 University Avenue

City Council - 02-2018