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City Council

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7:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Council Chamber - City Hall

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Meeting 13-2016 Watch video
Council will resolve into the Committee of the Whole "Closed Meeting" and will reconvene as regular Council at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Report #46 of the CAO (Consent)
a) COU-16-006
Proposal for the Purchase, Remediation and Redevelopment of Brownfield Failed Tax Sale Property: Former I. Cohen & Sons Properties and Authority to Permanently Close and Declare Surplus and Dispose of a Portion of Fraser Street and a Portion of Duff Street
b) COU-16-137
Terms of Reference, Arts Advisory Committee Working Groups
c) COU-16-143
Service Level Agreement with the Kingston Arts Council and Council Participation in the 2016 City of Kingston Arts Fund
d) COU-16-090
Award of Contract for Supply and Delivery of Healthy Food and Beverage Vending Services for Various Facilities
e) COU-16-093
Cultural Heritage Property Evaluation and Conservation Project – Proposed Listing on Heritage Properties Register
f) COU-16-118
Queen's Request for Extension to Temporary Noise Exemption - West Campus Sports Fields & Richardson Stadium
g) COU-16-128
North King's Town Secondary Plan – Appointment of Community Working Group
Report #47 of the CAO (Recommend)
1) COU-16-096
Agreements Required for Red Light Camera Program
2) COU-16-129
Third Crossing Action Plan – Phase 3 (Financial/Business Plan) Update
3) COU-16-109
Fourth Quarter Operating Budget Report for 2015
Committee Reports
Report 48
Received from the Planning Committee
Report 49
Received from the Planning Committee
Report 51
Received from the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee
Information Reports
1) COU-16-108
Tender and Contract Awards Subject to the Established Criteria for Delegation of Authority for the Month of February 2016
2) COU-16-135
2016 Priority Status Matrix Update

City Council