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Sports fields are open for casual, informal use subject to COVID-19 recommendations. Group bookings are not permitted. 

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The complete process for sports field closures is outlined in the Sports Field Allocation Policy and Guideline.

Goal: to keep the City sports fields in optimal and safe condition.

The City determines if a sports field is playable by inspecting these five benchmark locations to determine the status of all fields within the City – Woodbine Park, Catons' /Megaffin Field, John Machin Fields, Cloverdale Park and Jim Beattie Park.

When three or more of these locations are deemed unplayable, the City's sports fields will be closed.

The City makes a decision in the early afternoon about the status of the sports fields based on the current condition of the benchmark fields and expected/impending weather conditions.

Staff inspecting the fields look for, but not limited to;

  • standing water on the playing field
  • soggy turf field
  • moisture readings on the field
  • weather forecasts

The decision to close sports fields is made to protect the ongoing safety of the field and the health and safety of the players participating.

If play takes place on a field that is unplayable, it can damage the field and compromise its future use for the season.

Please respect that the field has been closed to ensure the continuity of play throughout the season.

Failure to adhere to the policy can result in an administrative penalty (forfeiting of all or some of security deposit), all costs incurred to repair the damaged field and may compromise future bookings.

If a field has not been closed when you arrive, and the field is in an unplayable condition, please stay off the field and contact the City's booking staff, and they will be happy to credit you for your booked time.

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