The City is committed to ensuring all households in Kingston have access to housing that is appropriate and affordable. In order to obtain this goal, the Housing Department administers a variety of programs that work together to address local housing challenges.

These include:

  • Administering the provincial rent-geared-to-income assistance program (social housing) which is responsible for the maintenance of the Centralized Waiting List for both the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac.
  • While the City and the County do not directly operate the social housing units, it acts as a liaison between provincial legislation and the social housing providers to ensure all directives are followed.
  • Between the various local affordable housing initiatives and the administration of the provincial housing assistance program, the Department seeks to maintain existing and develop new relationships within the non-profit and private housing sectors to ensure all residents have access to safe, appropriate, and affordable housing.

This following are some of the most common questions about the City's administration of its Social Housing portfolio and Affordable Housing initiatives. Visit the Social Housing page to find more info regarding how to apply.

What is the City doing to address the need for affordable housing?

The City and the County of Frontenac are implementing the Municipal Housing Strategy developed in 2011.  The implementation has five directions with 40 associated recommendations that are fully outlined in the strategy. The five Strategic Directions are:

  • Managing the Housing Agenda
  • Creating a Complementary Regulatory Environment
  • Leveraging Resources and Tools
  • Building Housing Capacity
  • Cultivating Partnerships

How many units are there in the social housing system?

The City oversees a local housing portfolio of at least 2,003 rent-geared-to-income households; at least 1368 high need households; and 74 units accessible to those with disabilities.

Do tenants pay rent?

Yes. Tenants pay rent in the public, not-for-profit, and supportive sectors.

Members in the co-operative sector pay a member charge.

Where is social housing located?

See the list of Housing Providers.

Does the City own Kingston and Frontenac Housing Corporation?

Indirectly. The City of Kingston is the sole shareholder of The Kingston and Frontenac Housing Authority. It runs as a separate entity under the direction of a Board of Directors appointed by the City of Kingston.

Are Town Homes Kingston and Kingston and Frontenac Housing Corporation the same?

Town Homes Kingston is a municipal not-for-profit housing corporation incorporated under the Corporations Act and Kingston and Frontenac Housing Corporation is a public housing agency incorporated under the Business Corporation Act.