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7 Wright Crescent

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The Land Acquisition and Disposition Program was established to reduce the costs associated with the development of new affordably priced housing within the City. As part of a five year commitment, this program allocates $5 million ($1M per year) to secure strategic sites within the City with the intent of disposing of the properties for redevelopment purposes. It is expected that this will accommodate some affordably priced housing through the sale of the properties at discounted rates. The program seeks to stimulate new residential development while providing for the incorporation of modestly priced housing within new housing developments.

Current Projects

7 Wright Crescent

Located south of the Kingston Centre, 7 Wright Crescent is approximately 8,000 square metres (2 acres) in size. The property is in close proximity to a variety of community, commercial, and transit services and amenities. It is well positioned to accommodate a redevelopment scenario in accordance with the City's policies for intensification and neighbourhood compatibility.

While the majority of the site is vacant, a four story formerly supportive-living residence occupies a portion of the property. The City will consider the disposal of 7 Wright Crescent in accordance with the policies of the Land Acquisition and Disposition Program and other land use planning policies of the City.

Project Status

1316-1318 Princess Street

Located approximately 225 metres east of the Portsmouth Avenue and Princess Street intersection, 1316-1318 Princess Street has a total area of 1.05 hectares (2.6 acres). The property is located approximately mid-way between the downtown area and the Cataraqui Town Centre with eastbound and westbound express bus transit service stops nearby. The site previously functioned as a commercial property and has been vacant for some time. The redevelopment of the land is anticipated to include a mixed-use commercial and residential intensification project consistent with the Official Plan land use planning policy directions for this area of the City.

Project Status

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