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Shaping the future of housing in Kingston & Frontenac County

The City and the County of Frontenac implemented the Municipal Housing Strategy developed in 2011. The implementation has five directions with 40 associated recommendations that are fully outline in the Strategy. These five strategic directions are:

  • Managing the Housing Agenda
  • Creating a Complementary Regulatory Environment
  • Leveraging Resources and Tools
  • Building Housing Capacity
  • Cultivating Partnerships

The original Municipal Housing Strategy has been updated to align it with the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan developed in 2013.

The Municipal Housing Strategy & the Housing and Homelessness Plan work together

The 10-year Municipal Housing & Homelessness Plan recognizes and builds on the Municipal Housing Strategy.

In 2011, the new Housing Services Act required all Service Managers in Ontario to develop a 10-year plan to identify objectives, targets and related actions to address housing and homelessness issues. This plan would be used to guide the future funding and service orientation related to homelessness services.

The resulting 10-year Municipal Housing & Homelessness Plan was approved by City Council in December 2013. As it was being developed, the Municipal Housing Strategy was also being updated to extend its projections to a 10-year horizon and align it with the planned strategies to address homelessness.

The original Municipal Housing Strategy includes a needs assessment and other important background information useful for understanding how the recommendations in the 10-year plan were developed. The final summary report and phase 1, 2 and 3 reports of the Municipal Housing Strategy are available upon request.

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