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About the program

Emergency assistance may be paid to a person experiencing an extreme, urgent, and unusual situation that jeopardizes the health and well-being of a member of the benefit unit.

  • Emergency assistance is not issued to participants who are already in receipt of social assistance;
  • Emergency assistance does not exceed 16 days entitlement;
  • May only be issued when all other means of support have been accessed;
  • May only be issued to a benefit unit once every 6 months (except for women entering an interval house or transition home for abused women);
  • Does not require a full Ontario Works application, although a face-to-face interview is necessary which includes a financial assessment;
  • Does not require an Ontario Works Participation Agreement; and
  • Is not appealable if decision is to deny issuance.

Are you eligible?

Emergency Assistance may be provided applicants that meets the following criteria:

  • Applicant's benefit unit has made reasonable efforts to access other means of support;
  • Applicant does not have enough money or assets and is not able to obtain credit to meet the basic needs of the benefit unit and
  • Failure to provide emergency assistance will result in danger to the physical health of someone in the benefit unit or at least one dependent would not be able to reside with the applicant.

Emergency Assistance may be provided to a benefit unit where required documentation to complete an application for social assistance and determine eligibility are still outstanding.

Other benefits may be available to assist the applicant with their emergency (i.e. a drug card).