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The PRO Kids program has been discontinued. No further applications will be accepted.

PROkids links Kingston children and youth aged 0-18 lacking sufficient financial resources with partnering sport, culture, arts and recreation organizations.  We help with program registration fees, assist with the child's equipment and transportation as needed, and raise money to ensure all qualified children and youth receive financial support.  

What programs can I use my PROkids funding for?

PROkids is dedicated to working with all community recreation organizations in Kingston who provide programming, lessons or memberships lasting a minimum of 6 weeks/sessions.  Program Partners must sign a confidentiality declaration before being accepted as an official PROkids Program Partner. 

Current PROkids program partners:

* PROkids funding cannot be used for camps, one-time events or programming lasting less than 6 weeks/sessions.  Fee assistance for city-run recreation programs is available through SPARK.  Fee assistance for YMCA programs is available through the YMCA.

How do I access PROkids funding for my child?

Individuals must apply through the Municipal Fee Assistance Program at Community Services (362 Montreal Street).  If a household's after-tax income falls below the maximum net family income, each child in that household between the ages of 0-18 is eligible to receive financial assistance for recreation through SPARK (municipal programming) or PROkids (community programming) and may be eligible for a discounted transit pass.  Adults over 18 can apply for SPARK as well as a discounted transit pass.

After eligibility is confirmed, the parent/guardian may contact PROkids to setup an appointment to discuss funding.  The PROkids Coordinator will assist them in finding the right program for their child, identify whether transportation or equipment assistance is needed, and discuss what amount the parent is able to contribute towards the total program cost.  PROkids will contribute a maximum of $300 per calendar year per child.  This is usually broken down into $25/month.  The parent/guardian will be responsible for registering their child for the program with the program provider.

Funding begins in January. You can make an appointment provided that you:

  • have completed the Municipal Fee Assistance Program eligibility process.
  • know which program you wish to enroll your child or need help knowing what program options are available
  • have confirmed that there is a registration space available for your child and have all program details: start and end date, total cost, name of activity, name of program provider