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Volunteer Fair
Volunteers create and enjoy meaningful experiences and enrich the lives of residents. Come to the Rideaucrest Home on Saturday, Sept. 26 and share your time with our residents.

Rideaucrest Home is a City-owned, non-profit long-term care facility. It overlooks Kingston's beautiful inner harbour just three blocks from the city's downtown core.

Rideaucrest offers 170 bright, climate-controlled, single-resident rooms. Its gathering and activity spaces are equipped with modern and accessible comforts aimed at supporting and enriching the lives of residents.

A rich history in Kingston

Rideaucrest has been at 175 Rideau St. since 1993. The City's original long-term care home was a stone building built in 1935 on Montreal Street.

The home expanded three times between 1956 and 1967, to become a 256-bed facility providing care and services to elderly residents. In 1985, a study looked at the need to renovate the space and modernize services, paving the way for the new Rideaucrest Home to be built.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission – Rideaucrest Home is a community of care, compassion and individuality.

Vision – Rideaucrest Home aspires to provide a safe, Home environment that is committed to providing the highest quality service.


Preserve & promote health
Team Work

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