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How do I secure a space for myself or a loved one?

Please contact the South East Local Health Integration Network at 613- 544-7090. The South East Local Health Integration Network does these four things:

  1. Determines the eligibility for admission to long-term care facilities
  2. Authorizes admission
  3. Prioritizes persons for admission
  4. Manages the waiting list for admission

Is there a waiting list?

The South East Local Health Integration Network maintains a waiting list and determines the priority of those by levels of care required and the type of accommodation requested (i.e. private, semi-private, basic).

What's the cost for accommodation?

The Provincial Ministry of Health sets a standard maximum rate for basic accommodation in long-term care facilities annually (on July 1). The maximum rate is paid by persons with sufficient income to cover it. When a resident requests private or semi-private accommodation, an additional preferred accommodation fee is charged as set by the Provincial Government.

Do you offer geared-to-income accommodation?

A reduced rate may be paid by a resident who does not have the income to pay the maximum rate for basic accommodation. Residents applying for a rate reduction will be income tested when they apply and on an annual basis.

The Reduction Application requires a resident to produce and attach to the application form a copy of his/her Notice of Assessment for the immediately preceding year. The Notice of Assessment is a confirmation sent from Revenue Canada to an individual subsequent to filing an Income Tax Return.

How do I become a volunteer?

Rideaucrest is proud to have registered auxiliary volunteers providing service to the Residents. Volunteers augment the services of the staff and bring greater Kingston community indoors to the residents residing in the Home. For more information on how to become a volunteer at Rideaucrest, please contact the Manager of Volunteer Services at 613-530-2818 ext. 4225 or download a volunteer package.

What is the difference between Rideaucrest Home and Rideaucrest Towers?

Rideaucrest Home is a Long-Term Care Facility. The Home provides care to individuals whose needs can no longer be met in the community.

Rideaucrest Towers is independent of Rideaucrest Home. Rideaucrest Towers is a self-contained apartment complex operated by Town Homes Kingston.

What are my other options?

For other options, contact the South East Local Health Integration Network at 613-544-7090.

To arrange a tour of our facility please contact Reception at 613-530-2818 ext. 4221

How do I contact staff at Rideaucrest?

Call the main phone line at 613-530-2818 and use the following extensions, depending on who you would like to speak to:

  • Administrator - ext 4283
  • Director of Care - ext 4227
  • Assistant Director of Care - ext 4360 or ext 4235
  • Supervisor, Finance & Administration - ext 4229
  • Supervisor, Resident Programs & Services - ext 4225
  • Supervisor, Environmental Services - ext 4278
  • Dietary Supervisor - ext 4361
  • Nutrition Supervisor & Dietitian - ext 4224
  • Building and Properties Supervisor - ext 1254
  • General Inquiries - ext 4221
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor - ext 4249


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