The City and Kingston Fire and Rescue are further developing the state-of-the-art fire training facility where public safety agencies, government, educational and industrial user groups continue to develop their practical and emergency response skills.

The facility has been developed in phases.  The first two phases are complete and included the construction of a six-story training tower and related training props (list of features below).  The next phase – the construction of a training and mechanical building – is anticipated to be completed in the spring of 2020.

The regional training centre is critical to enhancing training and education programs to develop and maintain the level of preparedness to help us best safeguard our community in the event of fire and a variety of other emergencies, including train derailments. This facility, coupled with first class training and education programs, will allow Kingston Fire & Rescue to continue to provide the highest level of expertise in emergency response.

Facility Rental

The facility offers training, courses and site/prop rentals to other public safety organizations, levels of government, educational institutions and industrial user groups throughout Eastern Ontario.

Facility Features

  • Six-story training tower providing both building interior and exterior training
    • Class B – Draeger props on two floors – kitchen and bedroom/living room
    • A ‘Class A' burn room
    • Chemical smoke
    • Fire alarm, voice communication, firefighter phones, standpipe, hose cabinet, sprinkler systems
    • Elevator prop
    • Firefighter survival props
  • Drafting pond
  • Driver-training road circuit
    • Various roadways and surface types
    • Urban street
    • Rural roads and rural driveways
  • Extrication training area
  • Tanker shuttle route with both a rural and urban approach
  • Confined-space rescue props
    • Electrical vault
    • Maze
    • Tunnel-to-maze, multi-level vaults and electrical vault
    • Multi-level vault
  • Trench rescue
  • Wind turbine prop/high angle rescue
  • Forcible entry props
  • Flat roof, pitched roof,
  • Railroad derailment, 200' of track, three rail cars, road crossing
  • Hazmat props
  • Draeger propane fire props
    • Car
    • Quad with multiple training opportunities

Facility Mission Statement

The City shall design and construct a state-of-the-art Fire Training Centre for firefighters so they can develop and maintain their skills in emergency operations within Kingston and to provide opportunities for the training needs of other municipal departments and government and private-sector employees in multiple disciplines in the greater region.

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1 – complete
  • Phase 2 – complete
  • Phase 3
    • Fall 2017 – concepts developed
    • Winter 2018 – detailed design to begin
    • Winter 2019 – construction to begin
    • Fall 2019/Winter 2020 – construction complete


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