The climate of the Earth and Kingston is changing, and the use of fossil fuels is a major contributing factor.  The City of Kingston, like all municipalities, is faced with the dual challenge of reducing our impact on global climate change and proactively adapting our infrastructure and programs to reduce impacts from severe and changing weather patterns like hotter and drier summers, higher intensity rainfall events, warmer winters, icing conditions, and new types of pests and diseases. Did you know the City has an Emergency Plan that outlines some of the risks associated with extreme weather?

Though climate change is a daunting global challenge, there are many things that we can do at a local level to help. There are many positive things already happening in our community from participating in the annual Sustainable Kingston - Kingston Unplugged Earth Hour to undertaking renewable energy projects.

We also have community greenhouse gas emission inventories which help us understand what we must do to help lessen our contribution to the changing climate. Great work is being done in our community and most of it can be found in the Kingston Climate Action Plan.

Under the Green Energy Act, municipalities are now required to submit annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reports to the Ministry of Energy. The following are the reports for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

View the latest Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan for Municipal Buildings report.

What the City is doing to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • An annual inventory of our energy consumption and GHGs help us target our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Ongoing energy retrofits makes our buildings and operations more energy efficient and reduces GHG emissions.
  • Adopting a green fleet policy means we right-size vehicles and reduce the burning of fossil fuels.
  • The creation of green energy through solar installations on the rooftops of our buildings contributes to a lower electricity carbon footprint for all Ontarians.
  • An anti-idling policy for vehicles means less pollution and less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The City and Utilities Kingston work together to improve infrastructure ensuring our roads, sidewalks and utility services are resilient to the increasing risks of severe associated with our changing climate.
  • The installation of LED light bulbs to illuminate our streets reduces the amount of electricity we consume.
  • Kingston is a walk-friendly and bike-friendly City! – Our transportation demand management system reduces the number of cars on the road, increases levels of active transportation and the overall health and well-being of ourselves and our community.
  • Our community-based farmer's markets and community gardens help families grow their own food and secure local distribution.
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