Climate Action Tool Kit

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We can all make a difference one action at a time

Kingston's climate is changing and it's time to take action. A climate action is any action you – or the groups you are involved with – can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare to face climate-related challenges.

Explore the climate action under each icon and let us know which ones you will take. 

What climate actions can you take?

Be part of the plan. Find out about the climate actions the Kingston community is doing – and those they will do – to address our changing climate in the community-built Kingston Climate Action Plan

What's YOUR climate action?

Do you operate a business or organization?

If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or organization and need help, take advantage of Sustainable Kingston's Green Economy Program. They have the tools you need to measure your carbon footprint, set reduction targets, create your plans and access resources. 



Image - Res - Enviro - Climate Change - Action Plan - Toolkit