Long Term Management Alternatives

Long Term Management Alternatives

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Cataraqui Park (better known as Belle Park Landfill Site) is a landfilled marshland that extends into the Kingston Inner Harbour from the west bank of the Great Cataraqui River to Belle Island. The site is approximately 44 hectares (108 acres) in size.

Citizens, businesses, and institutions in the City of Kingston (City) used this site as a municipal landfill from 1952 to 1974. After the landfill was closed, in accordance with Ministry of the Environment requirements, the City developed the site into a multiple use recreational facility that includes a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, and walking paths.

Since 1997, the City has taken a number of measures at the site to assess the risks and to address leachate seepage into the Cataraqui River. Seep management measures have been implemented and expanded since 1997. The current leachate collection system is operating effectively to address leachate discharges into the river; however, high annual operation and maintenance costs are incurred.

The City requires a more effective and efficient long-term leachate management strategy for this site that is:

  • Technically feasible and effective at protecting the environment.
  • Publicly acceptable.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Economically sustainable.

In 2003, the City authorized CH2M HILL to conduct an Assessment of Long-Term Management Alternatives for the site.


The approach taken to determine the preferred alternative is outlined as follows:

  1. Identify potential long-term management alternatives.
  2. Screen and develop a short list of long-term management alternatives.
  3. Evaluate and cost short listed alternatives in detail.
  4. Select the preferred alternative.

Short-Listed Long-Term Alternatives

The short listed alternatives are presented below:

  • Alternative 1: Maintain Existing Seep Management System.
  • Alternative 2: Constructed Treatment Wetland.
  • Alternative 3: Perimeter Leachate Collection, and Treatment.
  • Alternative 4: Hybrid Alternative.
  • Alternative 5: Clay Cap.

You can download the final report on the Assessment of Long-Term Management Alternatives for the former Belle Park landfill from this Web site for a complete discussion of the long-term options.

The City is currently pursuing the Hybrid Alternative (#4) that includes optimizing the existing leachate pumping systems, placement of additional soil cover where needed, installation of phreatophyte trees to assist in groundwater control and realignment of the west ditch to provide enhanced natural treatment of surface water flowing to the Cataraqui River.

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