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The City's Brownfield program is based on the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which has a key role in many of the City's objectives and goals such as the four pillars of Sustainability, the Urban Growth Strategy and Strategic Plan.

The Brownfield Program is a comprehensive set of programs designed to encourage and promote brownfield redevelopment. The CIP is designed to provide financial incentives for select, unproductive, contaminated lands core areas of the city. Brownfield sites are often strategically located within existing built up areas of the city, with adequate services and other infrastructure such as roads, schools, community facilities, and public transit.  The program goals are to remediate/rehabilitate the land and construct a building that adds value to the community in comparison to contaminated land.

Properties within the CIP Project Areas are eligible for the programs, subject to meeting the program requirements contained in the CIP and all other requirements of the City.

Brownfield Incentive Programs

Municipal Grant

Initial Study Grant

Matching grants are available from the City for up to fifty percent (50%) of a Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Site Specific Risk Assessments (SSRA).  There is a maximum of two studies per property at a maximum of no more than $20,000 in total grants. If you are a property owner or purchaser of a potentially contaminated land within the Project Area, you may be eligible.

Municipal and Provincial Tax Assistance

Brownfield Financial Tax Incentive Program (BFTIP)

Relief from paying 100% of the municipal and 100% of the educational property tax for a period of 36 months is available under this program. The period may start at the beginning of the Rehabilitation period and ends 36 months later. The amount is based on the pre-development tax assessment as per MPAC Assessment. The municipal portion of the tax assistance is approved by the City. The education portion of the tax assistance is approved by the Minister of Finance. The City applies for this tax assistance on behalf of the proponent.

Municipal Tax Rebate

Tax Increment-Based Rehabilitation Grant Program (TIRGP)

Grants are to provide financial relief to property owners who undertake and complete brownfield redevelopment projects within the CIP Project Area.  TIRGP grants cover the following and other eligible program costs; Environmental remediation, Environmental studies, Demolition, Record of Site Condition preparation costs, Environmental monitoring programs, Insurance premiums, Financing costs, Legal costs and Fees for LEED certification. Redevelopment grants are only payable on brownfield properties where the redevelopment results in an increase in assessed value and property taxes. The grant is calculated as 80% of the increase in the municipal portion of the taxes and is paid on an annual basis for up to 10 years or a maximum of the eligible remediation costs. Commencement of the grant is when the development is complete. Only costs incurred after an application is approved by the City can be included in the grant payment.

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