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Developing The Plan

The City is responsible for the management of trees and plants within its municipal boundaries. In order to take a comprehensive approach to guide care of its urban trees over the next 25 years, the City has developed the Urban Forest Management Plan with the benefit of extensive feedback from the public. The Plan, was approved by Council on Nov. 1, 2011.


The City wishes to maintain its existing tree cover, where possible and support the expansion of its urban forest to mitigate the impacts of carbon emissions. The urban forest management plan offers guidelines and actions for the City of Kingston to preserve and enhance its urban forest over the next 25 years.

Building upon the City of Kingston's current tree inventory, management practices and annual planting program, plan development focuses on the City's public urban forest located in the 21 per cent or 9,559 hectares of the City that are considered urban and sub-urban. Public trees are located in municipal parks, along municipal streets and in the historic Downtown. Significant environmental, social and economic benefits will be realized through effective management that maintains and enhances the number, quality and diversity of trees within Kingston's urban neighbourhoods.

Specifically, the plan:

  • establishes guiding principles and policies regarding the management and sustainability of its urban forests;
  • ensures that the community will enjoy the benefits of its trees through proper arboricultural techniques and management practices; states what is needed to manage the urban forest and describe activities and services required to execute these responsibilities.


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